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Think, Care, Act Blog by Susan Gelber Cannon
“By teaching our students to think, care, and act, we empower them to build a peaceful future.”
Welcome to Think, Care, Act, where teachers and students can find rationales and resources to infuse required curricula with peace, character, and multicultural concepts throughout the year.
To act in a world whose problems seem overwhelming requires being able to use the powers of critical and creative thinking and compassionate and inclusive care. Employing these tools, adults and youth alike can act effectively and conscientiously to solve problems big and small, global and local.

Teach for Peace Blog by Dr. Cheryl Duckworth
“Principled, practical policy analysis from a peace educator and professor of conflict resolution.” 
Dr. Cheryl Duckworth is Assistant Professor of Conflict Resolution at Nova Southeastern University.  She teaches such subjects as research methods, international conflict resolution, development and conflict, and peace education.  Her blog is linked to this website with permission.

In the News

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